_The definition of a free spirit is someone or something that lives by their own wishes and is unconstrained by Society. (5)

"After going through a very serious 8 year depression but through meditation and following a spiritual path I was lucky enough to survive and re create myself as a much better, stronger and happier person.
Then to improve on my good fortune i believe the universe brought me into contact with Geniene Azalea. She is a very professional, wise and altruistic person who has opened sooo many spiritual doors for me that I never knew existed and now I am creating my own reality thanks to geniene and  I am on a wonderful path of discovery into my own reality. I highly recommend Geniene as a healer who can help anyone to see life in a newer perspective with her experience in many ways."

- Dennis, Liverpool

"I attended my Reiki Level 1 with Geniene and it was a lovely experience. The all day session was taught so well, very informative but a lovely relaxed atmosphere to learn in. We were even treated to a delicious vegan spread which was to die for. My way of thinking since the attunement has improved massively and I am beginning to have a different way of thinking and approaching difficult situations. I couldn't be more thankful for what Geniene has taught me about Reiki and the materials she provided me with to then teach myself and further my knowledge and understanding. She is not just a teacher she is a support and I am so happy I chose her to do my Reiki with  Thank you."

- Abby, Liverpool

"Forever grateful, for helping to tweak my perspective on life and self by adjusting how I think & putting me on a happier path. I'm now growing my confidence and able to handle all kinds of situations in a much better way. Who would've thought it really requires so little to totally change your life simply by changing the way you perceive it, making all the difference! Once you have seen the TRUTH there's no going back to one's old unproductive ways, it's but up, up and away from here! Keep spreading your pearls of wisdom, in my book you totally rock it!" 

-Aime, Stockholm, Sweden

"Met Geniene recently at an evening she was hosting to "Meet Your Power Animal"..... I am ashamed to admit that, VERY STUPIDLY, the wary/synical part of me who finds it hard to trust new people, had been a little concerned that because Geniene is so ASTONISHINGLY BEAUTIFUL, that she might in some way be "an it girl", and perhaps less genuine.... Boy was I being paranoid! The moment we met, I realised that Geniene was one of the MOST genuine, honest and lovely women, whom I've EVER had the pleasure to meet!! As I've previously mentioned, I can often take some time to trust new people, but Geniene's glowing POSITIVE ENERGY and clearly DEEP and both down-to-earth and knowledgable/intellectual attitude INSTANTLY put me at ease - quite literally, instantly! I would strongly recommend both her personally, and ANY/ALL of the range of services, courses & workshops which she runs- Go Girl!!!!

- Nykii, Liverpool