If you further questions please feel free to contact me.

What is healing?

Healing has also been defined as “the process of bringing together aspects of one’s self, body-mind-spirit, at deeper levels of inner knowing, leading towards integration and balance with each aspect having equal importance and value.”

Can I work with you if I am not from Liverpool?

Yes, I also do coaching appointments over Skype, you can learn Meditation, Reiki or any of my online workshops can be done over the internet. Oooh isn't the future great!? Means I can reach even more of you lovely lot.

Where in Liverpool are you based?

All of my events are based in Liverpool City Centre, unless otherwise stated. Everything else can be accessed online.

 Do you do your events at other venues?

Yes! I can travel to do your workshop or course. Travel fees need to be paid in addition but contact me for a bespoke quote.


Shouldn't healers work for free?

Would you utilise a lifetime of skillsets and knowledge, spend years on perfecting them and then give them away for free? Everything is an energy exchange. If you can't afford my services, please do still contact me and let's see what we can arrange. I rarely turn people away.

Why should I use your services?

I'm not here to convince you to use my services, you should go with your gut feeling on how a person makes you feel. We are all unique and that's what makes us wonderful. What is good for one person, isn't for another. That's the beauty of life. If you choose me, great! If not, good luck with finding the right coach for you.


All classes, coaching and courses are intended to be a basis of which to start learning, the onus is, and should always be, on yourself to do your own research and development, outside of the session and not to assume that the information I give you is gospel. Not me or anyone should replace your own critical thinking on any of these, or indeed any subjects.

All the information I give out is correct to the best of my knowledge however should I receive evidence to the contrary I am always willing to see another point of view.

These courses, workshops, classes and sharing groups are not intended to replace medical or psychiatric treatment that you are undergoing.

If you attend our groups, people do share certain confidential information about themselves, you are obliged to keep these sharing's to the group on the day and not outside of the session. Everyone is friendly you will be welcomed with open arms

The quotes on this site are not all written by me, but they have been chosen by me as they resonate with me and the messages i'm sharing.

You can get in touch with me if you wish to discuss any of the above at my Contact Form

My highlight reel

My gallery is my best bits, behind the smiles, there is often sadness and pain, just like everybody else. Never compare anyone's highlight reel to your own every day life. We all have the shit bit behind the camera that nobody else knows, despite what insta or snapchat is saying. Nobody gets off unscathed from real life, I promise you that. Be real, be authentic, but be proud of your achievements I say. You can read more about my story here